Code Sections

The Code is mandatory in New South Wales and is a voluntary Code in other jurisdictions across Australia and applies to all Signatories.

Signatories agree to be bound by the Code. Signatories agree that they will promote the Code and encourage non-Signatory Repairers and Insurers to become Signatories. Repairers and Insurers are encouraged to use the Code as a good practice guide in helping to settle disputes even if they are not Signatories.

This Code does not give rise to any legal relationship between Insurers and Repairers, other than any Code compliance required by law. Where there is any conflict or inconsistency between this Code and any Australian law, that law prevails. Nothing in the Code shall override existing legal rights and requirements between Insurers and their Customers.

The provisions of this Code are subject to relevant Australian law, including common law rights and obligations.

Nothing in this Code effects or prohibits the rights of either party to pursue dispute resolution elsewhere.

A Person may become a Signatory by lodging a Code Signatory Notification Form with the CAC.
A Person ceases to be a Signatory by lodging a written notice advising the CAC they no longer wish to be a Signatory.
A Person may be required to comply with this Code by law.